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• 8/12/2017

Schedules, Memes, and a Swan Song for Wikia

It feels great seeing y'all again after a few months! We hadn't done any episodes in...Idek. I wasn't even in the original 9 episodes much, so I couldn't tell you lol. But I do know it'd been a REALLY LONG TIME.

I wanted to create a 3 person message wall, but I guess this'll work too. (if Waff ever shows up, Hiya, just put up a time and day and I'll coordinate all of our times :3)

So, could we maybe use this to plan the days we could chat?

I'll post memes on here during school (since I start tomorrow and there's no hope of us chatting today this late) and I'll hopefully be able to meet up on weekends and breaks. (Also, I had no idea that Elite Force ended???? I guess the spinoff was a flop lol)

The sad thing is though, this is probably going to be my last year on the wiki. I'm just telling you all in advance. There's just so much that needs to be done in Highschool (and even this year I'm going to be REALLY busy) so I simply don't see how I could have time to do it. There's always a possibility that I'll make time in Highschool, but it's really unlikely. So I guess we should make the most of my 8th grade year <3

I'm open Saturday

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• 8/19/2017

Aww... I hope that even if this is your last year on the wiki that we'll still see you. Even if it's just once or twice in a year. Either way, I'll probably message you some on Wattpad to see how you're doing if that's okay ^^

My schedule is... kinda wild. School doesn't start up till the day after Labor Day, at least.

Wednesdays I have voice class at 3:00 my time, but before that I should be able to get on.

And Saturdays I have piano and guitar at 11:30. But again, I should be able to get on either before or after that.

Other than that... my schedule is pretty open. I hang out with my friends on weekends a lot though too.

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